Losing Someone You Love

Losing Someone You Love When we lose a loved one A part of us dies also. For as much as the one you loved did not belong to you… your heart belonged to them. You were entwined with one another. You wonder… how shall I walk in this world.. a world that… no longer holds those footprints of my loved one. You will wonder how can this world can go on.. when your world has stopped. In the language of tears… You wiil speak to your loved one… as your heart tries to comprehend… what it cannot. But wait… the power of love will give you comfort. In the hearts of those who love you… and surround you with their caring hearts… love can be found. Friends who have been in your place of sadness… will be there for you now. Your grief will become your traveling companion… the part of you… that is strong… deep, and compassionate. Peace will come to you again as you accept the mysteries that are a part of life. In time this veil of sorrow will lift… and you will realize what is most sacred is the love we share with the ones we love. Soon… peace will come to your heart… and you will know… that this love… is an eternal gift. Love lives forever! Posted by Margie

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